VFSL products are synonymous with the word quality.

For us quality means achieving agreed customer expectations or specifications.

For example, SM Peppy products should be crisp, with characteristic flavor, and no off or rancid odor.

Our aim is to see that we meet the expectations of our loyal customers and continue to be the largest selling extruded snack food brand in India.

We follow stringent quality assurance systems. Our Quality Assurance systems are documented in a simple way to show who has responsibility for doing what & when. The focus of Q.A. is prevention and this should mean action is taken to meet a specification and prevent failures from occurring second time. This is done by planning, management action, and agreement with key suppliers. A range of problem solving technique can be provided for process workers to use when trouble arises during production. They involve problem identification, analysis of cause, suggestion for solution and implementation and feed back method