VFSL ventured towards developing a process and popularize a range of high quality pelleted products as a snack food variant in India. We specialize in a range of pelleted snack foods in various flavors, shapes and sizes that appeal to a wide range of taste buds. All these products are marketed under various successful brand names that have become a part of life for most of its consumers. Following the philosophy of constant innovation, we regularly introduces newer products, flavors, and brands that aim to enhance the overall consumption experience.

Our increasing popularity can be attributed to our commitment in using all-natural ingredients whenever possible and providing an exceptional product at an affordable price. Our passion for making healthier foods and unique industry insight are key elements for the success of our corporation. We have a monopoly in segments for products like Extruded, Pelleted and Tortilla chips with a dominant market share in key regions like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. We also have the ability to maintain and increase loyal customer base over 17 years.

Our uniqueness in product range is that we have significant product differentiation as compared to other commoditized snack categories. We grow the best snacks for our consumers ranging from corn, cheese and potatoes and manufacture direct expanded extrudates. The products attain their final texture on expansion at the extruder itself. They are then fried and flavored. The frying process causes desirable changes in taste and also some minor change in the product bite. That's what makes them good and fun to eat. Furthermore, we have various brands in the product line whose features and attributes are listed below :-