VFSL was born of a vision. Established and founded in 1986, this organization is managed and run by highly committed set of professionals. Our team is a fast growing family owned organization which has experienced, dynamic, young professionals, maintaining the highest standard of service to our retail customers through our dedicated sales force. We are a pioneer and current market leader of "Ready-to-Eat" non-chip/non-ethnic snacks for leading our presence in "healthy" and "Better-For-You" snack food segment with products which have low oil content, no MSG & no additives

We manufactures direct expanded extrudates. They are ready-to-eat, crisp snacks in various shapes, textures and tastes.

We have a production presence in multiple locations with processing facilities at Thane, Pondicherry, and Gwalior. With an all India presence and distribution strength of over 400 stockists spread all across the country, our products are being sold in more than 100,000 counters across the country.

Our direct reach of over 0.1 million retail outlets enable us to guarantee our customers that each and every snack we provide them is as fresh and tasty as it was intended.

Our multi-facility operation is capable of producing a wide range of products in various shapes, flavors and varieties. With a combined production capacity of 16000 TPA, the core business of VFSL is the manufacturing of:

  • Extruded and Pelleted
  • Extruded and Expanded
  • Extruded and Fried
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Potato Chips
  • Sauces and Dips
  • Vermicelli
  • Pasta Products

Our equipments from BHULER-Switzerland and Heinz Schaaf Nahrungmittel-Extrusions Technik-Germany, Pavan - Italy, are well known international manufacturers of food processing equipments.

Our motto is to base our product range on dynamic quality and constant up gradation of standards in taste and hygiene, in keeping with the latest advancement in technology.

All our products range are made and packed under strict hygienic conditions, on fully automatic processing equipments, and they are geared to handle specific requirements.>

The bench mark of excellence is the final quality of the product for us and the ultimate acceptance by the consumer.

MISSION STATEMENT : To be the largest selling non-chip/non ethnic brand in India.
The key aspect of our product category is that we combine an interesting and novel shape together with a good bite and an attractive overall taste.